Dear Parents/Caregivers

You are invited to attend our Acquaintance Nights to meet your child’s Home Group teacher and to receive information regarding the year ahead.  Letters were sent home via students last week.  Please sign and return the tear off slip at the bottom of the letter and return to the Home Group as soon as possible.

Year 10-12 Acquaintance Night

Year 10 – Tuesday, 5th February from 6.30pm in the George Cresswell Hall.
Year 11 – Tuesday, 5th February from 6.30pm in the Learning Hub.
Year 12 – Tuesday, 5th February from 7.30pm in the Learning Hub.

Year 8 and 9 Acquaintance Night

Wednesday, 6th February from 6pm in the George Cresswell Hall.  Students are welcome but will be unable to go into the Home Group due to limited space.  A sausage sizzle is planned for Year 8 & 9 parents and their children.  We warmly welcome your involvement.  Return slip must be returned for catering purposes.