Unley High School and the Parent Voice Committee will be holding an information evening covering issues that are of concern to anyone involved in parenting young people.

              Time:                     Wednesday 28th August at 7:30 – 9:30pm

              Location:             Performing Arts Centre, Unley High School, 101 Kitchener St, Netherby.

 We will have two guest speakers on the evening which will be followed by tea, coffee and nibbles.

Please see over for an outline of the two topics that will be presented by Edward Hedger and Neville Phillips.  Both speakers are registered nurses working in Mental Health.

If you would like to attend, please book by emailing Kerry at Unley High School at kerry.brissenden@uhs.sa.edu.au or by calling Kerry on 08 8272 1455. 

Drawing the Line
Presented by Edward J. Hedges – Registered Nurse, RN, BSc N, AHP, MRCNA

The use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs is common in Australia. Nearly all young people are exposed to these drugs in some way, whether through peers, the media, or other family members. However, only a small proportion of young people develop a serious problem.

Not all drug use leads to, or is part of, an ongoing serious drug problem. However, even a small amount of drug use can have a big effect on family relationships. When drug use becomes regular or habitual, all family members, including parents, siblings, and grandparents, are affected and need understanding and support.

Parents are a major influence on the views and behaviours of their child about substance use, and therefore have a major role in reducing the impact of drug use on their children.

Edward is the Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Clinical Specialist for the Western Community Mental Health Services under the auspices of The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Central Adelaide Local Health Network. 

Since 1999, Edward has worked in both public and private health sectors across Canada, the United Kingdom and now Australia.  He has extensive experience in the treatment and management of co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders among the adult population with a broad scope of knowledge in clinical practice, clinical leadership, research, and public health education.

Edward is currently half-way through the completion of a Masters of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner) course through the University of South Australia.  He sits on a number of panels most notably with the Mental Health and Substance Use Research Group. 

Common Mental Illnesses Confronting Youth
Presented by Neville Phillips – Registered Nurse [Dip NursSci, BNursSci, Grad Dip Education]

Neville will speak on common mental health illnesses experienced by Australian youth describing in simple terms what the young person experiences as a result of the illness, some early warning signs parents should be aware of, how the illness can be treated or how youth and parents can seek additional information and services if they are concerned about mental illness.

Neville is the Nursing Director for the Western Sector of the Central Mental Health Directorate. The directorate provides an integrated community and bedded mental health service for a defined catchment of metropolitan Adelaide and a range of state-wide specialist mental health services.

Neville has worked in public mental health services for 30 years and has held a diverse range of roles in clinical practice, education, operational management, clinical leadership, service development and governance. He has significant experience in service reform.

Neville interest are the development of mental health nursing practice, effective professional development of mental health staff, quality improvement of services through achievement of current standards frameworks and improving the governance of mental health services.

Neville is active as a surveyor and educator for the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards.