21/11/2013: YEAR 11 EXAM TIMETABLE



Monday 25 November until Friday 29 November (Wednesday is a Student Free day for the whole school)

During the exam period, students are not required at school other than for their examinations. Students are required to be in full school uniform when attending school during this week. Exams will be in the George Cresswell Hall and there is an exam timetable with this announcement so that you know when your sons/daughters are required at school. Students have known about the times of their exams for over a week and they have had an opportunity to let either Ms Dougherty or Ms Ellis know of any clashes and alternative arrangements have been made.

If a student cannot attend an exam, they must telephone the school and leave a message or send an email to the subject teacher with the reason for absence. If possible the exam will be done in the ‘catch up’ time at the end of the week. Students are to see Ms Dougherty regarding this. If this is not possible subject teachers will adjust their marks accordingly. The results of the exams are recorded on the Term 4 report.

This is the last week of lessons for Year 11 students; however they will be required to come into school on 11 December between 12.00 and 12.50pm (Home Group room) to collect Term 4 reports and the school Year Book.

A reminder that all school textbooks must be returned to the Library by the end of the exam week, as students will not be able to collect their reports if this is not done.

Please find attached a copy of the Year 11 Exam Timetable.

Kathy Ellis

Deputy Principal