02/12/2014: 2015 STUDENT BOOKLISTS


Dear parents/Caregivers

You will receive shortly, either via your student or post, your 2015 student booklist.  This is a list of items that students will require for their subjects during the year.

Campion offer an online ordering and home delivery service or alternatively, you can take your booklist to any stationery outlet to purchase products.  Booklists for students going into Years 11 and 12 are being posted home and students going into Years 9 and 10 should have received their booklist in home group on Monday 1 December.

You can also access and download booklists online at: www.campion.com.au and follow the prompts.  Please use the code “D98Q” the get the resource list.  You may then order online or print a copy of your booklist.

Joanne Costa