19/09/2016: UHS and Highgate French Bilingual Education Partnership

Minister Susan Close announced on Monday 19 September that our two schools were chosen to lead the development of the SA’s French Bilingual offering which will eventually span Reception to Year 12. This will see interested, selected students educated in a combined French/Australian curriculum. Planning at Unley begins immediately, with a bilingual stream expected to be available in year 8 and 9 in 2018. Bilingual learning has well-detailed positive educational outcomes for students. This exciting opportunity will build the profile of language learning and enhance cultural understandings and global perspectives in our school. It also complements our ongoing Greek, Chinese and Italian language courses. Highgate School will offer a bilingual stream starting with Reception/Year 1 in 2017. Both schools look forward to sharing the development of this initiative with the community over the next months.

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Brenda Harris, Principal