Regular and punctual attendance at school is necessary for students to learn effectively and to achieve success in their learning. The school uses the following procedures to promote this attendance and the students’ skills of self-organisation. They are based on the expectation that the home and the school will communicate together when students are away from school.


  • Students are expected to arrive at school by 8.40am and to attend Home Group at 8.45am and all subsequent lessons punctually.
  • Students report to Home Group each day.
  • Students who arrive after 8.45am must sign in at Student Services. A reason must be provided for lateness.

Leaving class during a lesson

  • Students who need to leave class during lessons should write a note in their Planner with their destination and time of leaving, have it signed by the teacher and carry the Planner with them.
  • Students are required to be accountable for their movements beyond the classroom during scheduled lessons.

Leaving school during the day

  • Students who are required to leave school early for necessary appointments should have a note in their Planner with the details. It should be shown to the Home Group Teacher  during Home Group, to the subject teacher at time of departure. Then sign out at Student Services.
  • If there is no note students must register their departure personally with a member of the Administration team. Contact will be made with home and the student’s Planner will be signed and dated.

2019 Attendance Policy Unley High School

Attendance flowchart – Parents