Independent Study Expectations – Senior Students

Students in Year 11/12/13 have uncommitted lessons each week. This is not ‘free time’ but independent study time.

The school recognises that the type of tasks attempted by students during study lessons will vary and therefore provides a range of study options. Students choose to work:

  • in the study centre – this is designed for quiet individual study or, for brief periods of time, quiet group work. No food or drink is to be consumed in this area.
  • in the resource centre – places are reserved for Yr 12 & 13 students who are engaged in quiet individual study or using Resource Centre resources. Students will need to book a place through the RC front desk. If a teaching space is free, students can seek permission from the RC staff to use the area.
  • in the study quadrangle between the physics and chemistry laboratories. This area caters for quiet group work and allows students the option of eating or drinking.
  • at home or using community resources providing that time-out arrangements are in place. This is only for Year 12/13 Students.

Students 18 years and older have the legal authority to sign their own notes and to respond to information sent home from the school. In many cases, however, these students live at home and are financially and morally supported by their parents. In such cases the student and their parent(s) are asked to nominate the appropriate way in which communication should be acknowledged.

Students who arrive after Home Group on any day must sign in electronically. The school expects all absences to be explained and substantiated in writing. For an absence of a single day suitable substantiation could be provided by a parent or an “agreed adult”. Absences of two or more consecutive days due to other legitimate reasons should be explained to the home group teacher prior to the absence if possible.

Students who fail to comply with the expectations stated above will face the following consequences depending on the severity of the offence:

  • attendance at Line 7 detention
  • internal suspension
  • external suspension