SACE Deadlines

Unley High School has adopted the following policy to ensure that all students submitting work for Year 11 and Year 12 classes will be treated consistently and fairly. The school sets and applies assessment deadlines for school based assessments. This policy is consistent with SACE Board of South Australia guidelines. The policy is based on the principles that:

  1. Realistic deadlines are set by teachers.
  2. All tasks are valued and completed within an appropriate time.
  3. All students manage their time effectively and accept responsibility for meeting the deadlines.
  4. All students are treated equitably and have similar timelines to complete work.
  5. Clear procedures are established to ensure that all students are treated consistently.


  • It is expected that students will submit work DIRECTLY to the teacher during the subject lesson on the day that the work is due.
  • Work not submitted by the subject lesson on the due date receives a zero grade.
  • Partially completed work should be submitted. An appropriate deduction of marks will be made in these circumstances.
  • Students who wish to negotiate an extension must obtain an Extension Request form (available from S.S.C.) and must:
  • negotiate this extension at least 24 hours prior to the due date
  • provide evidence of reasonable progress with the set work
  • support their request with a written explanation from parents /guardians or a doctor’s certificate in order to have the extension considered.

Students and parents/ guardians should be aware that extensions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Extensions are not granted automatically on request.

  • If a student is absent on the due date because of illness or other extenuating circumstances, the work must still reach the school on that day or be posted to the teacher and bear the postmark of the due date.
  • If a student is absent on the day of a set summative ‘in class’ task, the student must provide the subject teacher with either a medical certificate or a note from parents/ guardians acknowledging that the student was unfit to take the test/task. This must be presented on the day of their return to school. The students will then take the task at a negotiated time.
  • If work has been completed but receives a zero due to late submission, the student is still entitled to receive feedback on the work.
  • Students who receive a zero for a task due to non-submission will have their parents/guardians informed in writing.