Student Behaviour Code

Our expectations of students’ behaviour as members of the school community …

To ensure that all students and staff can work within a safe, supportive and productive
environment, the school has a clear set of expectations of its students:

  • Students will accept responsibility for their behaviour and the consequences that flow from that behaviour and, where appropriate, they will engage in restorative justice practices to redress the impact of their behaviour.
  • Students will interact with their fellow students and the school staff in a positive manner
  • Students will behave according to the ethos and values of the school –

The Unley High School Community actively promotes a school ethos whereby its
students will:

  • pursue excellence, be confident in themselves and protect their own health
  • care for and be honest in their dealing with others, understand and practise ethical behaviour and accept responsibility for their behaviour
  • practise the principle of a ‘fair go for all’ and understand and commit to the freedoms and responsibilities we all enjoy as Australians; and support the process of reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • treat people with respect, and respect the diversity of identity, background and belief that characterises our society
  • support their school, and play a positive role in both the school community and the wider community
  • care for the natural environment, and understand the significant environmental challenges we face both here in Australia and on a global basis
  • Students will behave in ways that:
    • reflect and strengthen the school’s Learning Code
    • promote the safety and well-being of all members of the school community
    • reflect positively on the school’s image and status in the community
    • care for and not damage, degrade or compromise any school facility, service or equipment
    • respect and not interfere with or damage other students’ work, equipment or property

Language Appropriate for school

Students are required to treat each other and the staff with respect and courtesy. This applies to the language they use; swearing or obscene or abusive language of any kind has no place in the school community