Supervision and Verification of Senior Student Work

This statement is modelled on the requirements of the SACE Board of South Australia. It provides a general set of guidelines for students of all subjects and supplements specific subject requirements.
The underpinning philosophy of the statement is that “students must submit only work that is their own, produced without undue assistance from other people or sources”. This means that “all changes made in the various stages of development… must represent students’ own work.” Student work that has been “subjected to detailed editing, correction or alteration by the teacher or other people” may not be submitted for assessment.
Students, when developing work for submission, must bear in mind:

  • All changes made in the various stages of development of a task must represent the student’s own work.
  • Teachers can offer general advice but must not dictate or make specific changes; teachers should inform the student but not amend drafts.
  • It is unacceptable to copy from another person or source without acknowledgement, or to do so with minimal alteration.
  • Tasks completed over a long period of time must be partially completed under supervised conditions and regular progress checks with the teacher made.
  • Teachers must see evidence (of the work to be submitted) during production; failure to do so means that a teacher may be unable to verify the authorship of the task.
  • Students must bear in mind that the onus is on the student to provide evidence that the task was completed without undue assistance.

Accordingly, students’ responsibilities are to:

  • Ensure only work that is their own original work is submitted for assessment
  • Ensure any work that is borrowed from other sources (texts, media, internet etc) is correctly referenced and acknowledged in a bibliography
  • Ensure, that for tasks completed over an extended period of time, regular progress checks are made with the teacher to enable them to verify authorship/originality of work.
  • Ensure, whenever possible, drafts of work in progress are submitted to teachers to enable them to verify authorship/originality of work.
  • Ensure assessment tasks are completed and submitted by deadline and that all interim deadlines are adhered to.

Students who do not meet their responsibilities face the possibility of having their work deemed inadmissible for assessment as it cannot be verified as their own, original work or due to plagiarism from other sources.