Year 8-10 Deadlines Policy

The Years 8-10 Deadlines Policy has been devised to support students to develop skills in the areas of time management, personal organisation and completion of work. It will assist students to meet their subject commitments and ensures an equitable and fair treatment of all students.

The Years 8-10 Deadlines Policy for extended tasks is as follows:

  • Students can expect a due date to be set for each required task.
  • Students are encouraged to hand up all work even if it is not complete.
  • If a task is not submitted by the due date, a proforma letter will be sent home informing parents of the non-submission of work and stating the consequences. It will have a tear-off slip to be returned to the teacher next lesson as evidence of parental receipt.

Consequences of non-submission of work by the due date will be as follows:

  • If a student chooses not to submit by the due date they will be given a period of up to 3 days to submit the work. A deduction of 20% of marks will be incurred.
  • If a student still chooses not to submit the work during the 3-day period, a zero mark will be recorded


  • Students who need an extension will have to provide evidence of reasonable progress with the set work, before an extension is considered.
  • Requests for extensions must be supported by a written explanation from parents/caregivers. Any extension must be negotiated at least 24 hours prior to the due date.
  • Overnight homework tasks set for assessment can incur a zero mark if they are not presented the next day. In such cases, a written note from parents/ caregivers should be given to the teacher for consideration.