Learning Technologies Documents

With such a focus on the use of new technologies in the teaching and learning that occurs at Unley High School, it is necessary for us to establish appropriate policies and procedures. Whilst providing the opportunity to enhance and extend human interaction, empathy and understanding, the misuse of information and communication technologies can significantly damage an individual’s dignity. It is a requirement that all students and their caregivers read and abide by the school’s Acceptable Use of Learning Technologies Policy. It is a Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) requirement that all students and their caregivers sign the Acceptable Use of Learning Technologies Policy before the student is permitted to access learning technologies on any Departmental School site. Once signed and returned to school, the document is filed in the student’s records and acknowledged in the school’s database. This agreement then remains valid and in place for the duration of the student’s enrollment at Unley High School or until it is reviewed or revoked by the school.

Unley High School Learning Technology Policy (895 KB)

Learning Technologies Non-Negotiables and Learning Technologies Consistent Consequences have been developed to ensure that all members of the teaching and learning community have a clear and common understanding of what is expected when learning technologies are used at Unley High School. These documents are embedded in the Unley High School Student Planner and are provided here for download.

BYOD Brochure 2018 (9.8MB)

ICT Acceptable Use Agreement Form (224KB)