Middle School iPad Program

The launch of our Middle School Mobile Learning Program occurred on Thursday 26 April 2012. This is an exciting time for us all, teachers and students. We aim to engage our students in learning the skills they need to be active participants in the global society in which we all live.

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Parents who attended the official launch of our program received a number of important pieces of information, including a printed copy of the Unley High School Middle School: Mobile Learning with iPads Information Booklet. Information for parents about financing options was also provided. Lastly, the link to the Unley High School Online Ordering Portal was opened. Please note that this link is only active during times when online ordering is available.

Students Share Their Thoughts on the iPad as a Tool for Learning

  • Emily talks about how she has used the iPad as a tool to help her little brother, Josh, learn a second language.
  • Alastair and Jack share their experiences as accelerated French students.
  • Georgina and Aleina provide some insight into how the iPad helps their second language learning.
  • Four students tell us why for them, Learning is better on an iPad.

First stop for new Middle School students

All new Middle School students are required to subscribe to the current Mobile Learning in the Middle School iTunes U course, which provides all of the information needed to set up their personal device, ready for use at school. Please follow this link to access our current course: 2018 Mobile Learning in the Middle School iTunes U Course.

This is our 2019 Mobile Learning in the Middle School Website

iPad Documents

Loan iPad Documents

iPads Apps in Teaching and Learning

iPad Orders

Unley High School is happy to announce that families are now able to purchase Apple devices directly from Apple via the newly established Family Funded program. Please visit Unley High School’s custom online store to take advantage of this program.