LINK Program

What is the LINK Program?

This program is a collaborative partnership between the Adelaide West Special Education Centre and Unley High School. Its purpose is to support young people with a physical disability or physical degenerative disorder to participate in the curriculum offered in our mainstream school. We believe that this program provides students access to quality inclusive educational experiences that: build positive life-long learning outcomes; develops their independence; builds self esteem, respect and friendship; and fosters success.

A team of staff (Teachers & School Services Officers) provide varying levels of support to LINK students based on their individual needs to ensure curriculum access and intergration into mainstream classes.

Requirements for enrollment?

To be eligible to attend the LINK Program, students must:

  • be verified by a DECD Psychologist as having a physical disability
  • have an NEP that indicates the student’s physical disability as their primary need
  • be able to access, engage and achieve positively in the school community and in their age-appropriate year level classes
  • have average educational ability

Please note: where the primary need is other than physical, students may be eligible for referral to other support services and settings which best support their learning needs.

To be eligible to attend the LINK Program, student supportive documentation is required. This should include a current psychological assessment or report. Other documents may include:

  • School assessments (e.g. NAPLAN)
  • a physiotherapy assessment
  • an occupational therapy assessment
  • other relevant therapy reports
  • recent pre-school or other school reports

Enrollment enquiries may be made to either Unley High School or Adelaide West Special Education Centre by contacting the following people:

Lynn Roberts … Coordinator: Unley High School LINK Program
Lorna Fenech … Principal: Adelaide West Special Education Centre