Home Group Teachers

Should parents and caregivers need to access their child’s home group teacher or year level manager, contact can be made by telephoning the school, or via email. Home group teacher and year level manager details are provided below. IN order to email an individual teacher, use the teacher’s first name, full stop, and then their last name, followed by @uhs.sa.edu.au. (e.g john.smith@uhs.sa.edu.au). Teachers will respond to emails received in a timely manner, although this may not be on the same day as your email is received. Your child’s home group teacher may have a full teaching load on the day you make contact, and may not check their emails until a later time.

Year 8: Year Level Manager …Emmett Wood
8410 Christopher Pappas Rachel Toyer
8407 Felicity Williams John Forster
8408 Steve Bettess Lisa Stephenson
8405 Casey Freeman LeighAnne Williams
8503 Priscilla Stanton Vicki Holland
8509 Adam Wallace Melanie Simpson
8515 Sophie Aitken Fiona Pettinau
8517 Michael Bammann Kimberley Dodd
8518 Andrew Michelmore Alyce Spicer
8520 Lewis Montagnese Kate DeMarco
Year 9: Year Level Manager … Charlie Marino
9128 Sally Clarke  Alex Gilmore
9216 Joe Rosmini Chris Martin
9302 Sandra Caudal Graham Clark
9244 Andrew Buchiw Claire Wilson
9240 Jo Vanderzwaag Ashleigh Miller
9245 Debra Holden Kylie Sims
9242 Sara Boni Tim Robinson
9505 Wayne Beaumont Jenny Hall
9507 Angela Papas Virginia Ports
9817 Angie Treloar Carol Hollis
Year 10: Year Level Manager … Joshua Whitwell
10301 Anne McKinlay
10303 Brett Schenk
10320 Miriam AstlesPhillips
10711 Kara Jeffrey
10335 Christina Tedesco
10336 Lyn Stocks
10337 Sophie Qin
10713 Samantha Kondraciuk
10815 Melissa Geddie
Year 11: Year Level Manager … James Hemphill
11215 Marie Vovos
11331 Jim DeGregorio
11236 David Messer
11239 Brooke McIntyre
11323 Jenny Johns
11330 Phil McDonald
11230 Jake Campbell
11714 Phil Syme
 11334 Erica Sandgren