Expenses involved with rowing for the Unley High School Rowing Club, indicative of 2010/2011 season are as follows:

  • Fees are approximately $400-00 per year. Half of this amount is invoiced in February for first semester and the remaining half in September for second semester. This fee includes registration, regatta entry fees, coaching, equipment and boat levy.
  • There are two five day Rowing Camps held each year at Walker Flat. The Spring Camp is held in September and attendance is encouraged. Summer Camp is held in the week prior to school commencing in January and in particular, our new Year 8 rowers are encouraged to attend. Camp costs are approximately $180.
  • Initially, most rowers purchase a rowing top for $30. Alternatively, a zoot suit can be ordered for around $55. However,  Unley rowers generally wait until Year 10 before purchasing these.
  • It is a requirement that all rowers must wear a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and a T-shirt with sleeves for sun protection.
  • The season culminates with the Head of River Regatta and, in the evening, the Head Of River Dinner. Attendance at the dinner costs approximately $40 per head.
  • Students selected into the Specialist Rowing Program, with ‘Rowing’ as one of their Year 8 subjects, will incur an additional subject levy. Payment of the levy covers the South Australian Rowing Association Registration fee for school students, which was $145 in 2010-2011.  It also pays for seat fees for all SA regattas for members of the Specialist Rowing Program.

The expenses to participate in rowing may initially appear quite high. However, they are no more expensive than sports where you have to pay a weekly fee or pay stadium entry. The students are also accessing very expensive equipment, for example, a racing eight and oars cost approximately $38,000.