During School Hours

We  have various sport events which take place during school hours offered by the following associations:
Secondary School Sport SA, Rugby League SA, Touch SA, Volleyball SA, SACA and SANFL.

There are fun based carnivals offered by Southern Zone Sports Association, such as handball, football, surfing, ten-pin-bowling and many others.  Participation in these carnivals is open to anyone who is keen to play.

We also offer a very large number of “Knockout” competitions. These competitions involve getting the school’s best team together to compete in a knockout style competition to become SA School Champions. Knockout competitions involve huge numbers of schools, both public and private, and are considered to be quite prestigious.

Lastly, Secondary School Sports SA offer a variety of individual competitor competitions at a more elite sportsperson level. These are usually specialized sports such as cycling, long distance running or handicapped golf and are not for novice participants.

Unley High School provides hired transport to and from these events and participants need to make a small monetary contribution.