Learning Areas

Unley High School prides itself on the quality of teaching and learning programs available to all students. Teachers work and plan collaboratively within learning areas and focus on student engagement and active participation in the learning process. Developing independent thinkers who are able to manage their time and their learning is critical for their success in the global society in which they live and work.

The curriculum for Middle School students is currently in a transitional stage between the South Australian Curriculum Standards and Accountability Framework (SACSA) and the new Australian Curriculum which is being phased in progressively. Senior students work toward the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE), beginning in Year 10 with the Personal Learning Plan (PLP), followed by Stage 1 subjects during Year 11 and culminating with Stage 2 subjects in Year 12.

At Unley High School we acknowledge that not all students will choose to follow a pure academic pathway. Therefore, we provide our students alternatives including Vocation Education Training (VET), both on  and off site at external providers such as TAFE or other Department for Education sites. We are very proud of the Plumbing Course that is provided by Unley High School. It is comprised of a mix of our students and those from other State Secondary Schools.

We congratulate our 2018 Year 12 students for their excellent results. Seven students achieved 9 Merits across a range of subjects – English, Psychology, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematical Methods, Physical Education and Communication Products. Our students have achieved a 99.7% SACE completion rate and we congratulate them on their efforts. Unley High School students increased their % achievement of A- and above grades to 30.1% from 26.6% in 2017.