The Arts

The Arts at Unley High School is a diverse and rich program that incorporates both Visual and Performing Arts.

  • Visual Arts includes Art, Design and Craft.
  • Performing Arts include Drama, Stagecraft, Production and Music.

Building on their knowledge, understanding and skills, students have the opportunity to explore both traditional and contemporary practice whilst making cultural and community connections. Through critical and practical study, students explore, experiment, create, analyse and critique. They are involved in local and community exhibitions and performances including visiting artists and exhibitions, Concerts, Musicals, Cabarets and Touring Companies. Students enjoy the Arts because it provides them opportunities to be creative and to reflect aspects of themselves and their world through the products they create.

Subjects currently taught in our learning area are;

Visual Art

Year 8 Art

Year 9 Art and/or Design

Year 10 Art and/or Craft

Year 10 Design – Environmental/Graphic

SACE Stage 1 Visual Arts-Art, Visual Arts-Design, Creative Arts

SACE Stage 2 Visual Arts – Art, Visual Arts – Design

Performing Arts

Year 8 – 9 Drama

Year 10 Drama, Shakespeare, Stagecraft

SACE Stage 1 Drama

SACE Stage 2 Drama

Year 8 – 10 Elective Music

SACE Stage 1 Music Advanced

SACE Stage 2 Ensemble Performance, Solo Performance, Music technology, Music Individual Study, Composing and Arranging.

For further information please see our curriculum guide