Health & Personal Development

The Health and Personal Development learning area is a group of associated subjects comprising of:

  • Health
  • Home Economics
  • Outdoor Education
  • Peer  Support
  • Physical Education

tied together with a central strand of health, wellbeing and lifelong personal, group and community skills which set the scene for well-balanced and productive lives.


In Health, students focus on the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities, societies and the environments they share. They recognise the various factors that shape the behaviour and attitudes of individuals and groups in relation to healthy living. All aspects of physical, emotional, social, cognitive and spiritual health are considered. Students gain an understanding of how health incorporates the principles of respect for diversity and social justice.

Topics studied include building positive relationships, sexuality and sexual health, taking risks and community health and wellbeing. Health is studied as part of the Year 8 and 9 PE program, as a semester in Year 10 and Stage 1 and as a full year subject at Stage 2.


Home Economics

Home Economics includes subjects such as Food and Hospitality, Food  and Culture, Food Preparation and Presentation, Nutrition, Textiles Technology and Child Studies. Students explore the links between food, health and diet related diseases. They examine factors which influence food choices  and the impact on the  food and hospitality industry. The practical activities and study of nutrition assists students to  reinforce and modify their own diets and lifestyle habits to maximise their health outcomes.  Textiles courses range from the basic technology to individualised garment making and study of textiles. Child Studies courses revolve around values about parenting and caregiving, understanding the growth and development of children.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education is offered in years 10, 11 and 12 and includes bushwalking, self-sufficient camping, mountain bike riding, rock climbing, kayaking and general aquatics. Cross-country skiing is also an option in year 12 Outdoor Education.

Students develop skills such as team work, empathy, reliability, communication and organisation. Students reflect on their experiences and develop a greater understanding of risk management, safety and environmental practices.


Peer  Support

Peer Support is offered as a Stage 1 semester subject with a specific focus on developing leadership skills. Peer Support students work together to plan and deliver activities to the Year 8’s that build positive relationships, self-esteem and communication skills and assist in their transition to High School.

Peer Support students have a key role in the implementation of Year 8 activities such as the Swimming Carnival, Cyber bullying workshop and Relationships Day.

Physical Education

Physical Education at Unley High School places an emphasis on the understanding of the benefits of involvement in physical activity and the development of positive attitudes of students in leading active lifestyles. Students will develop skills through a variety of practical activities, including many traditional sports as well as archery, table tennis, handball, korfball and dance. Health topics including Drug Education, Sexuality and Relationships are taught within the Year 8 and 9 courses.

Students studying Physical Education in the higher year levels will also focus on theory components including Training Principles and Methods, Sports Nutrition, Biomechanics and Issues in Sport.

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