Science operates in the Middle School (Years 8 – 10) as a General Science course where students are given an opportunity to learn about all of the areas of science. There are Gifted and Talented classes at each year level and all students are encouraged to participate in science competitions such as the SASTA Oliphant Awards. We are currently changing the Year 8 Science course to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum and other year levels will be phased in over the coming years. We are also implementing an increased focus on the use of technology in Science and Technology.

In the Senior Years we offer a comprehensive range of Science courses to allow students to gain prerequisites for their chosen career pathway and interests. At Stage 1 students can chose from Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology. All of these subjects are available for selection at Stage 2, with the addition of Nutrition.

For further information please see our 2017 Curriculum Handbook.