Design and Technology

Design & Technology

Subjects studied under this course can be undertaken from Year 8 through to Year 12. All students undertake a common Year 8 course and then can elect to study our courses in future years These can include Woodwork, Metal work, Art metal Work and Materials Technology. In the Senior School we offer Furniture Construction, Metalwork, Computer Aided Design, Information Technology and Computer Essentials. We offer a Certificate I in Plumbing and a Certificate III in Roof Plumbing in conjunction with the Master Plumbers Association.

General Course Description

Students design and create products or systems that meet a design brief, and develop the knowledge and skills associated with using different processes and production techniques. They combine their designing and creating skills with knowledge and understanding of materials, information, and equipment to make high-quality products or systems for intended purposes. They analyse the impact of technological practices, products, or systems on individuals, society, and/or the environment, and develop insights into the uses of technology in future contexts.

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