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Governing Council

Unley High School's Governing Council is comprised of elected parent representatives, the Principal and members of staff, and senior students. Council provides advice on strategic matters to assist the schools management and development. The Council is responsible for the school's strategic direction, setting and monitoring goals for the school and overseeing the school's finances. Council is committed to perform as per our constitution including, advising the Chief Executive of any improvements that the Governing Council considers are necessary to the accommodation, grounds and equipment of the school.

2018 Current Members
Wayne Hobbs - Chair
Heinz Schwarzer - Deputy Chair
Rohan Richards - Treasurer
Rhianon London - Secretary
Greg Rolton Principal

Jenny Johns 
Jenny Brisbane
Josh Whitwell

Anja Clark
Maya Drobnjak
Craig Palamountain
Georgie Swift
Kini Tavui
Chris Timberlake
Vajira Amaratunga
Chris Ford

Henry Thiele-Swift
Cara Woollacott