Unley High School’s Strategic Plan outlines our aims for the next two years.

Students, teachers and parents work as a community in support of quality learning outcomes for all.

Unley High School develops young adults who are committed to excellence in all areas, and whose actions are ethical and responsible.

The Unley High School community actively promotes an ethos whereby its students will:

  • pursue excellence in all areas
  • understand and practise ethical behaviour, and accept responsibility for their actions
  • be confident in themselves and actively care for their own health
  • treat all people with respect, and respect the diversity of identity, background and belief that characterises our society
  • value and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and culture
  • play a positive role in school, local and global communities
  • care for the environment, and respond in an informed way to challenges faced in Australia and globally

To download the full copy of our strategic plan please Click Here.