Link Program

For more than 25 years the Link program has enabled students living with a disability to access a secondary education in a mainstream school setting. Working collaboratively with Adelaide West Special Education Centre, students’ academic success is facilitated by subject specialist teachers at Unley High School and the Link program teacher together with School Services Officers.


Students enrolled in the program attend classes with their year level peers, and the Link staff support the students as required to participate in all aspects of school life. This ensures they honour and represent our school values, on campus and in the wider community.


The Link Program teachers:

  • Co-ordinate devices for learning with SIES (Statewide Inclusive Education Services) including AAC (Augmentative, Alternate Communication devices)
  • Work collaboratively with SASVI (South Australian School for the Vision Impaired)
  • Assist Unley High School Teachers to develop appropriate accommodations to enable equitable access to the curriculum
  • Co-ordinate and manage One Plans
  • Liaise with Department for Education personnel, support services and other agencies
  • Assist with the transition processes for post school options


To be eligible to attend the Link Program students are required to be:

  • Verified by a Department for Education psychologist as living with a disability
  • Accepted through the special options selection process, where eligibility is determined by a selection panel who consider therapists reports, diagnosis and school recommendations


What is the role of the student?

Students are encouraged to be independent learners by:

  • Taking responsibility for their learning
  • Actively participating in the learning process
  • Developing organisational and time management skills
  • Respecting and following Unley High School’s values and expectations
  • Developing appropriate study skills (this includes homework)
  • Appropriately conveying their needs to staff


What is the role of the family?

Families are encouraged to:

  • Support the school culture
  • Form positive and collaborative partnerships with the Link Program and Unley High School staff
  • Provide current and up-to-date information and documentation from allied health professionals
  • Complete and review annually the One Plan and supporting documents e.g. the Health Support Plan


For more information and inquires please contact:

Katina Cacas: Unley High School Link Program Teacher
Phone: 8394 5438


Lillian Murphy: Principal Adelaide West Special Education Centre
Phone: 8248 9100