Adelaide West Special Education Centre/ Unley High School Link Program

The Link Program is a collaborative partnership between Adelaide West Special Education Centre and Unley High School. The program supports students with a physical disability or a physical degenerative disorder to access, participate and engage in the curriculum at Unley High School. Students are enrolled with Adelaide West Special Education Centre and attend Unley High School as a member of a class at their year level, supported by Link teachers and School Service Officers. In the Link programs students develop the strategies and skills required to become responsible independent learners.

The Link Programs have skilled, specialist teachers who:

  • co-ordinate the Link Program and School Service Officers support
  • work in collaboration with UHS to develop appropriate accommodations for the curriculum
  • develop positive partnerships with students and their families/carers to improve learning outcomes
  • co-ordinate and manage the Negotiated Education Plan (NEP)/One Plan
  • liaise with Department for Education personnel, support services and other agencies
  • co-ordinate transition processes to post school options.

Is my child eligible to attend the program?

To be eligible to attend the Link Program students must:

  • be verified by a Department for Education psychologist as having a physical disability as their primary consideration
  • be able to access, engage and achieve positively in the school community and in their age appropriate year level classes

Relevant up-to-date supportive documentation is required. This may include: a psychological assessment, a physiotherapy assessment, an occupational therapy assessment, Health Support Plan, other relevant therapy reports and recent school reports.

How is a referral made to the Link Program?

Enquiries may be made to either Adelaide West Special Education Centre, or Unley High School. Eligibility is determined by a Department for Education Psychologist and referral is made through the student’s current educational setting via the NEP/One Plan process. Parents may contact the Principal of their child’s current education site or their local Special Educator.

What is the role of the student?

Students are encouraged to be independent learners by:

  • taking responsibility for their learning
  • actively participating in the learning process
  • developing organisational and time management skills
  • respecting and following the codes of behaviour in the school
  • developing appropriate study skills (this includes homework)
  • appropriately conveying their needs to staff

What is the role of the family?

  • to support the school culture
  • to form positive and collaborative partnerships with the Link Program and Unley High School staff
  • to provide current and up-to-date information and documentation
  • to complete and review annually the NEP/One Plan and supporting documents e.g. the Health Support Plan.

For more information please contact:

Kate Williams – Coordinator: Unley High School LINK Program
Phone: 8394 5438

Lorna Fenech – Principal: Adelaide West Special Education Centre
Phone: 8248 9100