Student Services is there to help young people with their needs, whether this is managing absences, providing lost-and-found services, or providing first aid.
Parents should notify Student Services via email if their young person will be absent, arriving at school late, or leaving the school early.

Student Absences

If your student will be absent, please notify Student Services with any of the following:

Please provide the reason for the absence, and your student’s first name, last name and student ID number.

Late Arrival or Early Departure

Please inform Student Services if your student will be arriving late or leaving early.

Please provide the time your student is arriving or departing. Students will need to sign in/out at the Student Services Desk.

Medical or Extended Absences

  • For absences due to illness of 3 days or longer a medical certificate must be provided to Student Services.
  • Extended absences for 4 or more days for travel or other reasons must be applied for by submitting an “Application for Exemption from School Form” to the Principal for approval. 

Change of Contact Details

It is important that all young people’s Family/Guardian contact details are kept up to date so that we may contact you in an emergency and can ensure that anyone contacting the school or making decisions on behalf of young people are authorized to do so.

Change of contact details must be in writing to Student Services, either via email at
Alternatively students may request a copy of the form from the Student Services desk.

Specific Medical Conditions

If a young person has a specific health or medical condition, an individual First Aid Plan needs to be completed and signed by the young person’s doctor and presented to Student Services to be kept on their records. It is also especially vital that all parent/caregiver contact details are kept up to date so that we can contact you if necessary.

Please advise of any First Aid Plans using the appropriate form:


Young people with an ongoing medical need that requires administration of medication during school hours are required to have a Health Care and Medication Plan signed by a doctor.

For each medication that is on the Medication Plan, a Medical Authority form needs to be completed by a medical practitioner or pharmacist. Each medication will need to have a pharmaceutical label with your young person’s details (name, dosage, etc.) attached.

Medication provided to the school must be in original packaging with a pharmacist label that clearly states the young person’s name and dosage required.

 In some circumstances e.g. camps, young people can self-administer needed medication if their parent/caregiver has completed and returned the

Other specific health care plans can be downloaded from the Department for Education.