Unley High School values input from our community. Families of students have opportunities to contribute to the school in a voluntary capacity in the following areas:

  • School Canteen

    As in every school, the Canteen provides a valuable service to its students. Not only does it offer a wide range of food and drink to students at reasonable prices, it also generates much needed funds for the school community. Even more importantly, it provides an opportunity for parents to get to know the school far better and to meet and enjoy the company of other parents. Call our canteen on 8271 0785 to find out more.

  • Parent Voice

    This committee is made up of interested parents who meet once per term to discuss school matters.

  • Governing Council

    The Governing Council comprises elected parent representatives of our school students, dedicated members of staff, and senior student representatives who work together in providing advice on strategic matters to assist the schools management and development. We can accommodate a maximum of 23 members with up to 13 elected from parents with children enrolled at the school. The Council is responsible for the school’s strategic direction, setting and monitoring goals for the school and overseeing the school’s finances.

  • Greek Parents’ Committee

    This committee is made up of interested parents who fundraise for various school improvements and awards. They have provided numerous much appreciated upgrades for Unley High School over the years.