We are a community of learners, here to learn to our utmost ability, and achieve the highest outcomes of which we are capable. Our diverse community values learning in all its forms and at all levels, and we encourage each other to do our best.

As staff, we have a holistic view of students and what happens in classrooms. We strive for excellence and are involved in the total wellbeing of the children in our care. Respect is our foundation, so students’ wellbeing and their diverse backgrounds and identities are valued. We strive to engage and challenge all learners to achieve the highest outcomes within our capability.

As students, we embrace learning in a supportive and encouraging environment. We take responsibility for our own learning and treat others with respect. As resilient learners, we seek and receive support to develop the skills for continual improvement. We communicate with our teachers and support groups, and challenge ourselves to achieve excellence in our learning.

As our parents and community members, respectful communication and interactions are crucial with staff members so that we can work together to best support your child. 

To improve student engagement and reduce exclusionary responses in schools, the South Australian Department of Education is trialling a Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) framework in 40 schools. Unley High School was accepted to be part of the trial in 2022. 

This school-wide Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) framework supports equity and improved learning and behaviour outcomes for students by using:

  • responsive systems
  • data
  • practices support.

PBL focuses on teaching behavioural skills through explicit instruction. Through this approach, PBL is both preventative and responsive to the needs of children and young people. Some of the reported outcomes of PBL in other jurisdictions include increased teacher wellbeing, greater student engagement and attendance, improved inclusive practices and reductions in behaviour responses so that teaching and learning time is maximised.

For an outline of the tier 1 components of PBL please refer to the graphic below:

At Unley High School our Positive Behaviours and Interventions for Learning (PBIL) framework requires a comprehensive integrated whole school approach to student wellbeing and behaviour that addresses the diverse needs of every student. We value the rights of all students and staff to learn in a safe and supportive environment. 

Through this framework:

  • Students respond positively as they understand what positive learning behaviours are.
  • Staff respond consistently to student learning and behaviour.
  • Students feel safe and cared for at school.
  • Parents/caregivers and the community are involved in students’ school life.
  • Incidents of challenging behaviours are significantly reduced.

The consequences applied in response to behaviour not upholding our school values:

  • Are appropriate in terms of the level of severity
  • Are consistent in application
  • Are mindful of individual circumstances
  • Address any harm done (restitution where appropriate)
  • Facilitate the restoration of positive relationships between all parties

Department for Education Behaviour Support Policy: https://www.education.sa.gov.au/sites/default/files/behaviour-support-policy.pdf?v=1593566196