Unley High School (UHS) is one of only three public schools in Adelaide who offer rowing as a school sport, along with Adelaide High School and Norwood-Morialta High School.

The UHS Boathouse is located on the southern side of the Torrens River, three boathouses eastward of the Morphett Street Bridge. This facility is shared with Norwood-Morialta High School. UHS also has access to a boatshed at West Lakes, which we share with Adelaide High School and Norwood-Morialta High School.

Regattas are conducted mainly at West Lakes, although occasionally at the Torrens Lake, Murray Bridge, Mannum, Renmark, Berri, and Port Adelaide are utilised as regatta venues. Rowing regattas take place during Terms 1 and 4 each year. It is possible to participate in other sports at the same time, but efficient time management becomes very important. Students are encouraged to participate in a different sporting activity during Terms 2 and 3. The rowing season culminates in the Head of the River (HOR) Regatta at West Lakes at the end of March or the beginning of April each year.

In 2017/2018, Unley High School won numerous races across all year levels. At the recent HOR we entered 21 crews, making us the second largest entrant behind Scotch College. UHS also underlined the depth of our rowing program by winning the Year 8F Boys division. One of the most impressive performances came from our Boys First VIII who finished in 3rd place, our best finish in decades and ahead of traditional powerhouses Prince Alfred College and Scotch College.

UHS also carries the distinction of being the only South Australian school to win a medal at this year’s National Championships with year 12 student Mitchell Reinhard winning the Schoolboy Single Scull. We have had many students and ex-students represent both South Australia and Australia over the club’s 40 year history.

Come & Try

Come and Try Sessions

Come and Try Sessions are held at UHS Torrens River Boathouse Register your interest at rowing@uhs.sa.edu.au or phone 08 8394 5400.

Several Sessions have been scheduled see the list to the right.

From April 6, 2020, interested Year 7 students can register with Anita Hughes – to receive more specific information in regard to the above sessions. anita.hughes@uhs.sa.edu.au

Come & Try Sessions

Sunday May 3, 2020 2 Sessions at the Torrens


10-30am -12 noon

Friday, May 8, 2020 1 Session at Unley High School

4pm – 6pm

Sunday, May 17, 2020 – 2 Sessions at the Torrens


10-30am -12 noon

Sunday, May 24, 2020 – 2 Sessions at the Torrens


10-30am -12 noon


There are usually two to three training sessions each week. Other fitness work, such as running and ‘ergos’, are highly encouraged. Weight training is also important, but definitely not at Year 8 and 9 level.

Training sessions for Year 8 crews are held at the Torrens River. Students usually travel to training on the 172 bus straight after school and during the first few weeks of training, fellow rowers or coaches will accompany them. Parents or caregivers are required to arrange transport home from training, which usually concludes at 6-00pm.

It is a myth that all rowers need to get up at 5am each morning. At Unley High School, morning training does not occur until the senior years.

The Unley High School Rowing Club appoints at least one credentialed rowing coach per year level. All rowing training programs are overseen by our Head Coach .


Expenses involved with rowing for the Unley High School Rowing Club, indicative of 2017/2018 season are as follows:

  • Fees are approximately $500 per year. Half of this amount is invoiced in February for first semester and the remaining half in September for second semester. This fee includes registration, regatta entry fees, coaching, equipment and boat levy.
  • There are two five day Rowing Camps held each year at Walker Flat. The Spring Camp is held in September and attendance is encouraged. Summer Camp is held in the week prior to school commencing in January and is the first opportunity for our new Year 8 rowers to get involved with the club as a whole. Camp costs are approximately $260.
  • Initially, most rowers purchase a rowing top for $30. Alternatively, a zoot suit can be ordered for around $70, however Unley rowers generally wait until Year 10 before purchasing these.
  • It is a requirement that all rowers must wear a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and a T-shirt with sleeves for sun protection.
  • The season culminates with the Head of River Regatta and, in the evening, the Head Of River Dinner. Attendance at the dinner costs approximately $45 per head.
  • Students selected into the Specialist Rowing Program, with Rowing as one of their Year 8 subjects, will incur an additional subject levy. This levy covers the costs of bus hire, coaching payments, and other rowing-associated costs.
  • The expenses to participate in rowing may initially appear quite high. However, they are no more expensive than sports where you have to pay a weekly fee or pay stadium entry. The students are also accessing very expensive equipment, for example, a racing eight and oars cost approximately $38,000.