French Bilingual / Binational Program

In 2016, Unley was selected as the first public secondary school in South Australia to introduce the French Bilingual/Binational Program.

The first Year 8 French Bilingual / Binational class was introduced in 2018. This course is suitable for students who are equally fluent in French and English. The French Curriculum is followed for French (Language & Literature) and Histoire-Géographie and classes are conducted entirely in French. All other subjects are studied in English and follow the Australian Curriculum.

It is envisaged that by 2023, there will be a continuous Bilingual/Binational stream feeding into Unley High from Highgate Primary School, thus offering students the opportunity to remain in the program from R to 12.

We are also members of a growing network of the Australian Association for French English Bilingual Schools (AFFEBS) and will be hosting the 3rd National Conference here at Unley High School on 18th-19th October.

French Immersion Program

In response to wide spread interest, a French Immersion course was concurrently introduced at Year 8 for novice learners of French. This program is suitable for students who are motivated and enjoy a challenge, as French is the medium of instruction in both HASS (Humanities and Social studies) and French Language classes, incorporating the Content and Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach.

Research has demonstrated that there are many benefits for students who undertake Immersion Education and they are common overseas and in other Australian states.

Special Interest Entry

Interested students are encouraged to apply for either program and undergo testing for a place in the 2022 Year 7 or 8 class. It is expected that successful applicants will commit to the program for at least 3 years.

For further enquiries contact:

Christina Tedesco or Andy Vinter (French Immersion Program)

Genevieve Papineau (French Bilingual / Binational Program)