Overview of the French Bilingual/Binational Program at Highgate School and Unley High School

We are pleased to share the vision and program design for the French Binational Bilingual Program approved by the Minister for Education.


To deliver a sustainable, innovative, inclusive, continuous, high-quality program non-accredited French Bilingual Binational Program (FBBP) from Reception to Year 10 that supports French background and additional language learners to develop a high level of proficiency in French and intercultural understanding.


To offer bilingual/binational education to expand learning outcomes for all FBBP students across the curriculum, enabling them to develop enhanced literacy, social, emotional and cognitive skills, including critical and creative thinking, problem solving and international mindedness.

Program design

Up to four subjects, delivered in French, following a harmonised curriculum.

Selective Entry

The FBBP has a selective entry process, in accordance with the Department’s procedure for special interest programs. This process is managed by the school leadership and allows for a number of out of zone students to apply for enrolment in the program.

Students require age-appropriate proficiency to access the teaching and learning program and meet curriculum expectations successfully in both French and English.

Details about the selective entry criteria, the enrolment process and the timeframes will be made available on this website each year.

Click here to access the application for Year 7 entry in 2025. First round applications close at 4.00pm on Friday 12 April 2024. Applicants will be notified of interviews and testing dates early in Term 2.

Bilingual Education

Bilingual education means different things to different people. For the department, ‘bilingual education’ is the use of two languages as the media for teaching and learning.

The FBBP supports both French background and additional language learners to develop a high level of proficiency in French and intercultural understanding.

Binational Education and a Harmonised French/Australian Curriculum

A harmonised French and Australian curriculum is central to a binational education and to the delivery of the FBBP at Unley High School. Harmonisation is the process of blending the content of two government curricula but using French as the media for teaching and learning.

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Karmen Petric Assistant Principal Unley High School (French Bilingual / Binational Program)


Genevieve Papineau (French Bilingual / Binational Program)