New iPad Set up for Middle School

The following video is for Year 7 students starting school in 2023 and for any year 8 and 9 students who a bringing a new iPad to Unley High School this year.

If you are new to Unley your username and password settings will be sent via a text message to your parent or caregiver.

If your login isn’t working please don’t be stressed you will not miss out, during week 1 at school the tech team will check every new student’s iPad to see that it is set up properly and that they have everything they need. The main step we ask you to do at home is make sure you have all the Apps you will need downloaded onto your iPad. The apps list is below the video.

Timetables and Daymap will be ready for the first week of school but may not work just yet. 

We look forward to seeing you at Unley High School in 2023!


*If you were trying to set up your iPad the video stopped working on the website, I have uploaded it to youTube to be more convenient.

Some answers to some Common Questions:

Do we need an Apple iPad – why not an Android Tablet?

  • Unley High School runs a successful Apple iPad Program in the Middle School. An Android Tablet will not work for this program or at our school.

What are the Minimum iPad requirements?

  • 9.1 Inch screen or larger
  • Updatable for the next 3 years (Apple iPad Gen 6+)
  • Wifi Only (preferred)
  • 64GB or more (128GB Preferred)

When will timetables be available?:

  • Timetables will be available on Daymap from Next week

Do we need to download the Apps that cost money?

  • Yes you do need to download the Apps on the App list teachers will expect the students to have these Apps for class.

If you have any questions please email .