Unley High School has a policy supported by the Governing Council which states that all students are required to wear the school uniform to and from school and within the school grounds. The reason for having a school uniform is to ensure ready identification of students by staff and to project a positive image of the school in the community. In Term 3 2014, a policy addendum was passed by the Governing Council, with regards two components of the school uniform: the length of skirts, dresses and shorts worn by female students and the style of shoes worn by students.

The following addendum have been added to the current school uniform policy:

  1. The minimum required length of girls’ shorts, skirts and uniform dresses is one hand’s width above the knee (10cm).
  2. Acceptable shoes to be worn at school:
    • Girls: Plain black leather lace-up OR buckle-fastened T-bar school shoes
    • Boys: Plain black leather lace-up shoes ( soft or hard leather) … no suede, no slip-on, no logos








School Uniform

School Dress               Unley High School uniform

Blouse: short sleeve   White, with or without school monogram

Blouse: song sleeve    White, with or without school monogram

Dress Short                 Plain navy blue knee-length

Dress Pants                Plain navy blue OR grey trousers (jeans and track suit pants are not acceptable)

Winter Skirt               Unley High School uniform

Jumper                        Navy

Shirt: short sleeve     White, with or without school monogram

Shirt: long sleeve      White, with or without school monogram

College Trouser         Dark Grey

College Short             Navy

Polo Shirt                   Unley High School uniform

Jumper                       Grey

Windcheater              Unley High School uniform

Rugby Top                  Unley High School uniform

Blazer                          Navy with school monogram

Crew socks                  Navy or white ONLY (No branding or logos)

Shoes                          Black leather lace up or T Bar style (No sport shoes or canvas shoes)


Sports Uniform

Sports Polo                 Unley High School uniform

Shorts                          Unley High School uniform

Tracksuit pants          Unley High School uniform

Footwear                     Sports shoes

Rugby Top                  Unley High School uniform (Can be embroidered by UMS with school activity representation)


Hat                              Plain navy blue (strongly recommended for Terms 1 & 4)

Tie                               Navy & blue stripe

Cap                              Unley High School cap (Not to be worn indoors)

Scarf                            Plain Navy


Uncovered footwear (eg; thongs, ballet style shoes and sandals) are not permitted at school. Year 12 jumpers are to be worn exclusively by Year 12 and 13 students.

Visible non-uniform items are not acceptable.

Ties and white shirts will be required on some occasions during the school year.

School uniform is available from two locations:

UNIFORM SHOP at Unley High School (Room 130, south of the school canteen)
Tel:  0419 004 522
Trading Hours (during school terms only)
Tuesday 8:00am – 2:00pm




Please note trading hours remain the same: Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm
UHS Price List Order Form Dec 2015