Learning Technologies

The key aim for the integration of technology into the teaching and learning at Unley High School is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to become competent, discriminating and creative users of a range of technologies. Such integration of technologies has the potential to engage students in ways not previously possible, to enhance their achievement, to create new learning possibilities and to extend students’ interaction with their local and global communities.

Unley High School is a technology-rich environment, integrating technology into all teaching and learning areas so as to enhance learning and to prepare our students for their roles in the digital world in which we live. Today’s generation of students view technology as part of their everyday environment. To fully meet their learning needs, technology should be pervasive, that is, always available. To achieve this, Unley High School is currently implementing a range of new and innovative approaches to teaching  and learning using new and emerging learning technologies. These include trolleys of Windows laptops located across the school, maintaining the availability of computers in labs (6 in total) and supporting Senior students who wish to bring their own laptop or tablet (Windows or Apple), enabling them to access the school’s Internet on site. Ultimately, achieving a 1-to-1 teaching and learning environment that incorporates the new and emerging technologies that are an every-day part of the lives of our students, is our aim.

History of Learning Technologies at Unley High School

In 1-to-1 learning, each student has access to a wireless laptop or mobile device for use at school and at home, enabling communication and collaboration among peers and teachers and connecting caregivers to their child’s learning. Educators are provided with digital tools to create learning plans, manage educational content, track student progress and more. The 2011 iPad2 Trial enabled us to participate in some “action research”, during which we were able to gather data to support the notion that, having a mobile device such as an iPad in the hands of students, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days a week engages the students in learning and ultimately results in measurable improvement in their learning outcomes, their grades.

On Tuesday 6th March 2012, the UHS School Council gave final ratification to our proposed parent funded 1-to-1 Mobile Learning Program in the Middle School (using iPads). Our Mobile Learning Program begins in Year 8 in Term 2 of this year and  we will be 1-to-1 with iPads across the Middle School in 2013 and beyond. Follow this link for more information about our iPad Program.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – Senior School Program

Students in years 10 to 12 are encouraged to bring their own, personal device to school as a tool for learning. In the 21st Century, devices are a significant part of the lives of everyone, particularly our young people. As such, they are also an integral part of their learning. Bringing their own device places our young people in a position of responsibility of their learning, which in turn affords them the opportunity to develop the necessary skills for lifelong learning. Please download our 2018 Unley High School BYOD Program brochure for further information.